We congratulate Vietnam USA Society English Centres (VUS)

NEAS congratulates Anh Van Hoi Viet My VUS (Vietnam USA Society English Centres – VUS) for its continued growth and successful completion of its recent Quality Endorsement exercise for eight new Additional Centres.

VUS holds a prominent position as a leading education company for English Language Teaching in Vietnam. Their campuses are located in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Hanoi, and other major cities in Vietnam. The newly-endorsed VUS Centres are: Nguyen Kiem Branch; Thuan An Branch; Nguyen Huu Tri Branch; Nguyen Oanh Branch; Phan Van Hon Branch; Green River Branch; Pham Van Dong Branch; and Vo Van Ngan Branch.

VUS has a strong culture of creating a sense of family among students, parents, and teachers. This connection is fostered through social media, face-to-face interactions, and their exclusive Smart Learning Space: V-Hub. Many teachers and staff members have been a part of the VUS community for 10 – 20 years, underscoring the positive working conditions and supportive culture they provide.

Through anonymised surveys and focus group interviews, students showed strong positivity towards course delivery, assessment, and teaching methods. All teachers possess appropriate qualifications, with the majority having more than five years of teaching experience, and around half boasting over a decade of expertise.

Records of course delivery, attendance, and assessments are maintained within V-Hub, enabling stakeholders, including parents, to access progress updates easily. V-Hub also facilitates homework completion outside of class time and encourages students to engage in preparatory activities like vocabulary and pronunciation exercises.

VUS is supported by an Academic Team responsible for developing, reviewing, and evaluating courses and assessments. An effective communication system ensures clear transmission of course requirements to teachers and gathers their feedback, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and currency in course content.

September 2023