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Communities of Practice: Arts Based Pedagogy

When: 24 March, 15:00 AEDT
Type: In-person Workshop
Registration: $10
CPD Points: 10

Arts based pedagogy in English language teaching (ELT) incorporates visual and performing arts into the learning process to engage students in a creative and dynamic way. This approach recognizes the power of art to foster critical thinking, cultural awareness, and emotional intelligence. By using art as a tool for language development, students can experience the joy of expression and build a deeper connection to the language. Arts based pedagogy also encourages collaboration, communication, and the development of intercultural competencies, making it an effective and enriching addition to any ELT curriculum.

Drama is a powerful tool that can be used in English language teaching (ELT) to help students develop their language skills and cultural awareness in a fun and engaging way. Drama activities such as role-plays, improvisations, and scripted scenes can provide students with opportunities to practice their language skills in meaningful and authentic contexts. It can also help students build confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills, while promoting collaboration, social interaction and keeping students engaged and motivated. 

This Arts Based Pedagogy Community of Practice (COP) Workshop is for teaching professionals who would like to embed the arts and drama into their teaching repertoire. The workshop will shine a spotlight on the benefits of alternative teaching methods in the ELT classroom and provides participants with a supportive structure to begin their journey into the world of the arts in ELT. 

Topics up for investigation in this COP include 

·      the power of the arts and drama in teaching 

·      reflective self-assessment 

·      further professional development opportunities

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