University of Wollongong Dubai

Congratulations to the Language Studies Centre at the University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD)! UOWD provides a comprehensive range of language programs catering to the diverse needs of its students. With an emphasis on practical application and cultural understanding, the Centre’s language courses enhance students’ linguistic and communication skills for academic study, professional engagement, or personal growth. Highly qualified instructors employ innovative teaching methodologies and interactive approaches to ensure effective language learning outcomes.

UOWD College has now successfully completed the NEAS Quality Review exercise for 2023. This involved structured meetings and focus group discussions with management, students, teachers and professional staff. Anonymised Health Check surveys were used to develop areas of focus for the conduct of the Quality Review, and comprehensive stakeholder feedback was triangulated and mapped to key Principles and Drivers of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework. For more information on the Quality Assurance Framework, please refer to this section of the NEAS website:

UOWD course design meets the desired goals of students through well-articulated learning outcomes. Curricula are thorough and comprehensive with good guidance provided for teachers. Teachers participating in the focus group interview reported that they had a lot of freedom in interpreting the curricula and tailoring classes to the immediate needs of students. During their structured interview session, students also reported that they were happy with the teaching style and spoke favourably of combined class activities. Students are offered 1:1 individual lessons; this is an excellent initiative and is to be commended. Action plans are formulated to help students improve targeted skills areas.

June 2023